Smart Towns are Clean and Green Towns for Laikipia

Laikipia has embarked on a Smart Towns imitative as part of the Governor’s original manifesto, and as part of the County’s Integrated Development Plan 2018-2022.

8 towns in Laikipia have been selected to pilot the Smart Towns agenda:

Nanyuki, Rumuruti, Wiyumeririe, Kinamba

Ol Jabet, Naibor, DolDol and Nyahururu

Each Smart Town is characterized by a multi-disciplinary approach, all aimed at a safe, clean, functional modern township with commercial centers that serve the needs of its residents.


The Smart Town Package includes:

  • Development of spatial plans for all towns that use zoning and building codes to enforce standards and environmental laws
  • Solid waste management with an emphasis on recycling principles
  • Name all roads and streets, and provide residents with geo-referenced addresses to provide improved access and service delivery
  • Pave all markets and streets
  • Create pedestrian walkways, parks, and green recreation areas; Plant trees
  • Create internet hotspots and improve citizen access to internet-based services

A good portion of the Laikipia SMART Town Initiative is based on the Green Economy Strategy and Implementation Plan (GESIP) of the GOK for 2016-2030. Insert link here.

GESIP is a national strategy for low carbon, resource-efficient, equitable and inclusive socio-economic transformation.

The Laikipia 2018-2022 budget for the Smart Towns is 1.31 B Kenya Shillings and be found in the County’s Integrated Development Plan insert CIDP link here.

Nanyuki – Smart Town Profile

Since 2018, Nanyuki has forged ahead with some Smart Town elements

Ksh. 120 million have been dedicated in FY 2019/20 to upgrade roads within the town (most of them are near completion) as well as replace signages, and work on street lights.

The Nanyuki Center Center market has been upgraded with paving, and the main street in the town has received a facelift with new parking facilities and pavement/paving stones.

A new urban development and spatial plan has begun to guide growth and development of the town. The new  plan is broadly based on the urban development plan created in 2013/14 at the outset of constitutional reform and devolution in Kenya. Insert plan link here.

Most notable in the 2015 plan is the provision for development zones/action area plans for Majengo, Muthaiga, Nanyuki Town Center, and Likii.

There are also 8 strategic areas for development:

  1. Transportation Strategy
  2. Trunk Infrastructure Strategy
  3. Social Infrastructure Strategy 
  4. Economic (Investment) Enhancement Strategy
  5. Housing Strategy
  6. Environmental Protection and Conservation Strategy
  7. Revenue Enhancement Strategy
  8. Governance and Capacity Building Strategy

The County has allocated Ksh.150 million in 2020/21  towards the upgrade of infrastructure in Nanyuki Town as well as to improve its position as a preferred investment destination.