100 acres of Green for 100 years! The 100for100 Campaign

To complement our anniversary, the Private Sector has joined with the Public and County Government to identify and conserve at a minimum of 100 acres of green space for our 100 years. Our green spaces will be our legacy.

Green space preservation is not new to urban planning, design, and development. The great cities and towns of the world already know the value of preserving green spaces. Many studies have associated green space with improved mental and physical health for city residents. Recognizing this value should allow us to develop more green space because it contributes to wider city objectives. Similarly, well-managed urban green space has a positive economic effect on the surrounding areas.

The 100 acres of Green Space is a combination of riparian areas secured by law, and oases of green spaces that serve as parks/green zones/recreation areas for the public.

Walking and bike paths link these green areas/islands, offering a cool, reflective, peaceful recreational areas and opportunities for public events.

Our Nanyuki Town Plan is dedicated to the preservation of these green spaces. But we will only succeed with the engagement of our citizens

Check out this tool that has successfully unleashed a multitude of green space planning and management through citizen mobilization.